JNSF layout

JNSF layout is carpalx optimization with preset home keys. Optimization is based on reference text containing 5 000 featured articles from English wikipedia.

JNSF layout

JF keys were handled as designated home keys and punctuation characters were left intact reducing number of possible permutations to 2×24!

q k u r h m c l p ⟵ 26.4%
o a e j n s f t i d ⟵ 64.7%
z x y b v w g , . ⟵ 8.9%

Home row and top row are actively used, while bottom row is offloaded.

Ten finger distribution takes into account last letter frequencies and assumes that opposite hand's thumb is responsible for space bar. Eight finger distribution is calculated without taking into account spaces. Strong fingers contribute most.

Load distribution

Calculation of typing effort takes into account 26 letters and 2 most common punctuation characters (full stop and comma).

Keyboard effort ------------------------------------------------------------ k1 0.904 76.3 76.3 k1,k2 1.145 20.4 96.7 k1,k2,k3 1.184 3.3 100.0 b 0.479 24.3 24.3 p 0.705 35.8 167.9 ph 0.000 0.0 0.0 pr 0.202 28.6 28.6 pf 0.398 56.5 85.1 s 0.784 39.8 100.0 all 1.968 100.0 100.0

Total typing effort is 1.968. It's about 10% higher the that of FNRS layout and comparable to middle range layouts.

Typing effort and accuracy

Typing effort increases with error rate, which is typical for layouts with standard placement of backspace key. Already in 90-100% accuracy range one can observe 24% variation in typing effort. In JNRF layout issue is mitigated by relocating backspace.

JNSF layout

It's easy to convert standard keyboard to JNSF one as long as keycap profile is uniform.

JNSF XKB, klc and KMonad configuration files are available.

Another alternative is to use JNSF configuration for keyd key remapping daemon.

January 2, 2022. Giorgi Chavchanidze.